Monday, March 05, 2007

Winter returns or it's the March Lion or Something

WELL, tain't Spring anymore. When I got up yesterday morning at 6AM, I glance at the temperature (actually, it's the first thing that comes up on my home pages) 46F. Great. I said, not cold at all. I was planning a 5 mile loop before starting work at 11:30.I puttered. I paid some bills. I balanced the AMEX account (God-damned, that's a lot of Starbucks!!) About 8:30, (figuring it would take 30 minutes to get to the park, some time to stretch, about an hour to run and another 30 minutes to ride the train to the gym which is practically next door to work, that would get me to Starbucks! -damn them!- about eleven) I put on some shorts and a long sleeved t-shirts, got my light running jacket and then re-checked the temperature.
What the ??
Apparently, I later learned, we here in beautiful New York City had been visited by a "fast moving wedge of Canadian air", I'd rather have been visited by a fast moving wedge of Canadian cheese, but no. So, I got my thick sweatshirt and my gloves and I headed out. The winds were steady at brutal to not so bad and overhead the gray mass of clouds moved like some huge herd of mythic animals. 5.25 in 56:29.
Last week's total was 17.2 slightly more than I had planned, but with the 15K coming up this weekend (rain predicted) it might be a good thing.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Night Train

I wanted to try an evening run so right after my ten hour day at work I squeezed by the new sculpture at the Grand Army Plaza at 5th and 59th Street and chugged up the long hill. And down the hill, around the Boathouse and up Cat Hill (I need to take a picture of the Cat so you all can see why it's called that, but if I stop too long, I stop.
There were two lucky circumstances tonight. One, a guy I could stay up with passed me about a mile into the run, so I hugged his heels for awhile and then, (I hardly ever get to say this) I passed him. I had to take off my jacket at that point. Note to self: stop wearing so many clothes!!!! Also stop carrying bottle of water, telephone, Palm and hugh set of keys!!
I was pretty much out of gas as I passed Fred's statue and I began plotting a way to cut across the park before getting all the way to the 102nd Street crossover, but then, out of no where, fifty runners appeared, all heading towards me but just as they got to where I was THEY TURNED AROUND and started running with me! You talk about getting a free ride! We flew along for the next mile and a half to the place where they all stopped to do stretches.

I'm calling tonight three miles although with the blocks from Lex to the park, it's closer to four.
There is something about people sleeping on the trains that fascinates me.

There he is. His world in one black plastic bag. What dreams is he dreaming as the train shrieks through the night? Joe(Off day tomorrow)Nation