Friday, January 23, 2009

The Uphill Run

Finally, a day to run without being wrapped in four shirts and a jacket! I put on two shirts and my big, thick sweatshirt, headed out the door, made one lap around the block and went back inside to take that sweatshirt back to the apartment.
Too Hot!
I ran down the hill to the bottom of Ft. Tryon Park.
Bright sunshine, clear paths and no wind!
It was just me and some guy with a little dog enjoying the beautiful day.
I dog-trotted along, listening to the last chapters of my audiobook and stopping to take a picture or three or four.
All uphills, around the big turn and up some more hills to the top (which is why I never complain about hills during races)
This is one of my favorite rambles.

I spent about a hour and a half (Including taking picture times)moving along and listening to the crows complain about the hawk hovering about us all. My Garmin said 6.1 miles but it felt a lot shorter