Monday, September 01, 2003

September 1

September 1

Excuse me,
I see you are busy unfolding those sweaters,
but, have you seen where I've left my summer?
I 'd just begun using it here, barely begun,
and now it seems to be missing.

I had two or three beachdays to go,
several more dinners outside in the twilight
and ten, maybe twelve, meanders to wander,
walks in the park or down past the shops,
gawking at people enjoying the sun.

Now, my summer's gone somewhere alone
or I've left it behind by mistake,
the last time I looked it was timeless,
an unending string of birdsong mornings,
sun drenched beach chair afternoons,
but I was must have been napping
or gazing at sea waves,
for I looked today and it's gone.

No, thank you no, no sweater just yet,
I'll sit on the porch in my long sleeves.

I watch in disbelief
the ice in this lemonade
not melting.

Jonathan Jeffries
September 1