Monday, August 11, 2003

Okay I'm back sort of

August 11, 2003
Deep in the summer of the city, the city slugs along, the newspapers can’t find a decent or indecent headline to blurt out in trying to get us to shell out the fifty cents to see the show inside. The Daily News headline is about trashpickup so it must be a city newspaper and this must be a city in summer.
The trains are empty in the mornings. Everyone is either on vacation or getting ready to go on vacation by not showing up at work, it’s the best way to test if they can really get along without you. The women all look even more bored than ususal all while wearing less than they wore last weekend on a Monday afternoon as the daily thunderstorm begins to sweep over the avenues. Giant thunderheads loom over Ninth Avenue and Seventh Street, looking west one can see the curtain of rain already pouring down on New Jersey and anyone glancing that way spurs a little bit faster down the street trying to find shelter from the storm.