Monday, June 07, 2010

Don't Think about the Distance, Pick a Direction and Go!

The hardest part about getting started or re-started is starting. I can't tell how many mornings I have stood outside my apartment building in my shorts and tee-shirt going through some kind of check list- got water bottle, got on sunscreen, got sunglasses, got on the right hat, got music player/phone/camera, got shorts tied up snugly, got shoes tied juuuuust right and my socks are feeling good inside them.........and .... and nothing.


I just stand there.

The morning crow passes overhead.

The committee in my brain is trying to figure how far I should run. There is some disagreement, some resentfulness for even having to be out here and some doubt keeps creeping in to take it's place kneeling right next to depression.

The morning crow passes over. Didn't you think that crows said "Caw"?

They don't. They say "Go!"

So I go.

When I get done I look at the distance run.

When I get finished I get ready to start again.

Copyright 2010 Jonathan (Joe Nation)Jeffries